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Giselle Wrigley Health and Wellbeing Writer

I’m a pharmacist and mum from Cheshire with two businesses, two daughters and the same type of silly schedule that most parents with young children have. I have wanted to write since I was 9 years old; I was the geeky, shy child in the corner with her nose in a book. Life has taken me on a different journey and in the nearly 40 years I have been here, I have done a variety of things but writing hasn’t been one of them until now.

Starting a blog is an interesting process. I have been told that pictures speak a thousand words; the picture above doesn’t sum me up nearly as well as the one below.

Giselle Wrigley Go Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes

I think it is fair to say that this picture is the real me. Taken by my friend Claire in my kitchen, she was helping me choose outfits for the photoshoot she had talked me into doing (hence the first picture: glossy and soft lighting).

In this second picture I am in full flow; mouth open, gesticulating, and parading the relative merits of two outfits simultaneously- very cleverly sporting blue and yellow at the same time. (‘Is there too much yellow in this picture? Yellow is my favourite colour you know, it is so bright and sunshiny.….’ Blah, blah, blah.)

The reason for the photoshoot was that when I talked to Claire initially about my ambitions to start a blog about allergies and food intolerance, I believe her exact words were, ‘Yes, but your photos are cr*p.’ Apparently, you can’t have a blog without proper photos.

Claire very kindly proceeded to set me up with a photographer and away we went. All credit to the photographer (and my beautiful friend Janice who did my makeup), I was transformed, swan-like. Eeek! So, I guess I’m all set?  All that is left is for me to come up with something interesting to say.

The main purpose for this blog and my sincere hope is that I will write something that is able to help someone else. My hope is that in these pages you may find something that helps you. I am passionate not only about helping others but also about healing your body through food.  Life cannot be lived to the full until you have understood and delivered a plan to manage your food sensitivity. A significant number of people suffer with food allergies and intolerances. Prevalence statistics vary widely but around 5% of the UK population have allergies and it is estimated by Allergy UK that up to 45% have food intolerance. There is a lot of confusion regarding the difference between allergies and intolerance and how to treat them. I aim to provide the latest scientific research on the subject and to give practical tips for how to cope with food sensitivities as I understand first hand how stressful it can be.

Writing the book ‘Go Gluten and Dairy Free and Feel Great’ was a cathartic process and one which enabled me to fully understand and get to grips with both mine and my daughter’s food issues; she is allergic to milk and I am allergic to nuts and intolerant to both gluten and dairy. The book contains detailed information about diagnosing and treating food allergy and intolerance as well as advice on healthy eating, vitamin supplements and more than 100 ‘free from’ recipes.  If you want to buy my book you can do so HERE.

Otherwise, please feel free to download my FREE RECIPES HERE or sign up to my blog through EMAIL, FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

I believe life is to be lived to the full, that we are meant to be the healthiest and happiest we can be if only so that we can help others be healthy and happy too. I wish both for you.

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